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Production Line

Smelting production equipment:

Jiangsu XiHu advanced non-vacuum induction furnace, AOD refining furnace, vacuum furnace, ESR and other advanced smelting equipment, and equipped with all kinds of advanced testing instruments, users can fully meet the special needs of high-end products. Mainly to produce austenitic, ferritic, martensitic-based, can also generate two-phase steel, low carbon, nitrogen and other stainless steel products and high purity.

Profile production equipment:

A direct rolling and rolling production line and precise control of the multi-pass, variable-type cold-rolled, cold drawing, cold drawing and heat treatment, pickling, finishing, surface treatment equipment, etc. The annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. The main production include hot rods, forged round, light round, hexagonal bar, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, channel steel, stainless steel profile and other materials, a variety of specifications, a variety of processing technology, the requirements of a variety of surface products.

Wire production equipment:

Morgan has the domestic advanced level of the Five Dynasties "stainless steel fully automatic high speed wire rod rolling production line", is of Jiangsu Province, the first professional high-speed rolling stainless steel wire production line. The designed annual production capacity of 180,000 tons, product specification ¢ 5.5 - ¢ 18mm. Without the use of twisted single continuous production, maximum rolling speed of 120m / s. Through controlled rolling and cooling process, melting solid line, and equipped with all kinds of advanced testing instruments. Pure steel products, chemical stability, high dimensional accuracy, surface quality, processing performance.

Wire production equipment:

Stainless steel wire production line using a continuous production process, after the first heat treatment and wire rod pickling, hot-rolled left completely remove surface defects, straight wire-drawing machine and light continuous withdrawal of hydrogen furnace and other advanced production equipment so that the whole process is always cold maintain the bright surface, eliminating the need pickling; using coated resin coating, coating, and to the coating operation, pulling the total reduction rate as high as 90%, and the production of stainless steel wire high dimensional accuracy, surface quality is excellent.

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